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Hi Bobby, thank you so much for giving it all and pouring your soul into our kids. We will cherish every moment we lived thru in Houston. 

"The Reynolds Academy has provided aspiring young hockey players the opportunity to be the best hockey player they can be.  All the while providing the academic support to be successful in the classroom as well.  We are grateful for the coaching, love, and support the Reynolds Academy has provided our son.  The Reynolds Academy has given him the opportunity to pursue his hockey dreams and attend a world class preparatory school with high academic standards."

Thanks so much for a great season. We can’t believe how much our son has developed this year. Your coaching style and methods are awesome and we really appreciate all the time and effort you make for this team. See you this week.

We can't thank you enough for the efforts you have made for our boys these past years. you know each of them differently and respond to them just as they need. You are an amazing coach, dad, and most importantly as amazing person.Our time in Houston has been made possible by you and your amazing family. Thank you for being a great influence on our boys lives.

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