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Reynolds Hockey Academy academic curriculum is K12/TOPS 

At the Reynolds Hockey Academy, R students enroll with K12/TOPS. TOPS offers Texas students in grades 3–12 an exceptional learning experience. TOPS is offering a college-preparedness program authorized by Huntsville Independent School District. TOPS offers an academically rigorous program geared towards college-bound, self-motivated students seeking challenging courses, collaborative instruction, and high academic expectations. With individualized learning approaches, Texas Online Preparatory School provide the tools kids need to succeed. TOPS offers Honors, AP curriculum and Duel Enrollment.

  • The exceptional, individualized K12 curriculum, which covers the core subject areas and electives. Based on decades of education research, this mastery based curriculum packages high-quality lessons with frequent assessments that ensure students are absorbing the material and concepts.

  • Our experienced, highly qualified Texas-certified teachers, who are connected to you and your student both online and by phone.

  • Online planning and assessment tools, resources, and hands-on materials ranging from textbooks to telescopes, from rocks and dirt to beautifully illustrated classic children's stories, and much more

  • Our active, supportive school community, which organizes fun and informative monthly activities where TOPS parents, students, and staff can socialize and share their experiences

How does TOPS work?

Students and their parents will choose their classes each semester.  Every week, students are given a schedule of classes they will watch/listen live online on specific days at specific times.  These classes are live, being taught by a certified teacher. TOPS is certified accredited TX public schools.

When do students attend class?

Students will attend their classes with certified teachers online.  Their classes will be scheduled for them to watch/listen to live online.  

When do students do their work?

Just like in a traditional school setting, students will have some time when the teacher presents the lesson, and time to work independently. Students should use the time they are at “R” Academy, but not scheduled to be in a “live class session” to do their assignments.

There is no such thing as homework. All work is homework since R Academy is a home base online public school. Students may have to study at home, but most assignments should be worked on and completed during the school day at “R” Academy

When do students attend class?

Students will attend their classes with certified teachers online.  Classes will be scheduled for them  to watch/listen to live online. 

Structure is very important at R Academy. If for some reason, they cannot attend class at that time (if they are in a tournament or sick, for instance), a parent or the academic administrator will contact teacher in advance, and students can typically view the lesson (recorded) at later time.

What if my child has a question about an assignment?

The students 1st option will be R Academy Learning Coach. She is in the classroom for the sole purpose of assisting the students with their day to day assignments. We are confident that 99% of the students questions will be take care of by R learning coach.

Teachers at TOPS  will give students, parents, and the academic administrator an email as well as an office phone to be able to contact them. Students and parents are highly encouraged to contact teachers (typically via email and arrange a phone call if needed) immediately, no matter the frequency, if questions arise regarding their assignments.

Additional sessions are set up for questions or extra help in some classes as well, so please have students take advantage of this feature.

How are students monitored in their online programs?

“R” administrator as the Learning Coach for the students while they are at school, will have several responsibilities, one of which is helping parents monitor their child’s progress.  For these students, the academic administrator will:

  • Assist students and parents in becoming acclimated to the online process if needed

  • Record daily attendance

  • Correspond with teachers and staff via email and phone when necessary

  • Act as a liaison with parents

  • Monitor the daily progress of the students

  • On a weekly basis, communicate to parents any work that is not completed and/or low grades their child may have

Are students held accountable for their grades?

“R” Academy want only the best for all of the students, and will be holding all students to high standards.  Therefore students will be held accountable for the completion of their work as well as for their grades.

The academic administrator will be monitoring attendance and academic progress of students attending R Academy.  Students who do not complete 80% of their weekly assignments and/or who have lower than a C in two or more classes OR are failing at least one class will have limited on and off-ice activities for the following week which will be determined by the Learning Coach and Bobby Reynolds.

Will my child be required to take standardized test?

Yes. All students must complete the standardized tests that are required in their state or district. We also provide a test preparation program to develop the skills that students will need to perform well on many types of assessments. TOPS will arrange testing locations throughout the state and will inform you in advance of where and when your child is scheduled to attend.


Other programs used in the past by students:
University of Texas High School Program

Texas Tech University online program
Connections Academy
Abeka Christian Homeschool Program
Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville

R Daily Schedule

1 ice session days

6:45-7:15 Arrival daily

7:00-7:45 Socialize/Log in/Room Prep

7:45-8:55 On Ice

9:00-11:30 Classroom On screen Learning

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-2:00 Classroom On Screen Learning

2:00-2:45 Off Ice Development

2:45 Dismissal

2 ice sessions days

6:45-7:15 Arrival daily

7:00-7:45 Social interaction/Log in

7:45-8:55 On Ice

9:00-11:20 Classroom On Screen

11:20-11:35 lunch

11:50-12:50 On ice

1:00-2:45 Classroom 


AM: Small group Individual skill development  

PM & Fri: small area games





It cannot be overstated the importance of the Director to the success of the student's education!!

R Director of Education is Ms. Alexa Reynolds. We are so very lucky and thankful to have Ms. Alexa on staff.

Ms. Alexa is heading into her

7th year in this postion at R Academy. Her mentorship and leadship these past years in irreplacable. She has past students still contacting her for help in their college classes.

Ms. Alexa is a full time Reynolds Hockey Academy employee. She is in the classroom with the students every day, all day. Her job is to oversee and assist the students with their live class (screen time) as well as their daily assignments, quizzes and test. Her caring and passion to help the students be successful is her greatest attributes. 

  • Background Information:

    • Born and raised in Fenton, Michigan.

    • Graduated from Powers Catholic High School in Flint, Michigan.

    • Earned my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan.

    • Transferred to the University of Houston in 2015, where I graduated with an Education Degree in English and a Minor in History.

  • Fun Facts About Me:

    • I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan!

    • I enjoy going to concerts from all different genres of music.

    • I like watching and attending hockey games.

    • In my free time, my favorite thing to do is hang out with my family.

  • Experience:

    • Early Childhood Development and Learning Center

      • Worked as a volunteer in high school and became an Assistant Teacher for six months in 2013.

    • Nanny for three different families with children ages three months to fourteen years old.

      • One family had three of their children using the K12 Online Program and Schooling while I was working for them.

      • Served as a tutor to all families while doing the Nanny duties.

    • Since high school, I have been a tutor to multiple students from all grades and levels.

  • My Goals:

    • To be a liaison between the K12 teachers and parents.

    • To give the boys a structured, organized, fun, and comfortable learning environment, especially since we are not in the traditional classroom setting.

    • To have an open line of communication between the parents, students, and myself.

    • To have the parents and children feel comfortable enough with me to ask any questions.



Paris has been a substitute Learning Coach for the last 3 academic school years. She has accapted a full time position for the Fall '24 school year. We are so excited to add someone like Paris to R Academy classroom. She will bring an unique perspective to R Academy students. Paris is following Ms Alexa's lead in her pursuit in education. She is in college and working towards a teaching degree just like Ms. Alexa when she started with R Academy students.

  • Background Information 

           -Born and raised in Houston, TX​

           -Graduated from Seven Lakes High School in Katy, TX.

           -Attending Houston Community College

           -Major in Education

  • ​Fun Facts​

           -Favorite place to visit: Mackinaw Island, MI ( Grand Hotel)

           -Love drawing and painting

           -Worked in the past for Gauchos Do Sul

  • Experience

           -2 years, substuting at Reynolds Hockey Academy

         -3 years, working in administrative with Reynolds Hockey clinics/camps

          -3 years, work with Gauchos De Sol staff​

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