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Reynolds Hockey Academy

Where Educated Athletes Are Born
since 2017
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  R Academy

Congratulations Class of 2024

Wyatt Jones (08) - Detroit Victory Honda 18UAAA

Nixon Cummings - Dallas Stars Eilte15OAAA

Kellen Ekre - Dallas Stars Elite 15OAAA

Zack House - Okanagan Hockey 15OAAA

Dylan Gonzales - East Coast Wizards 2011AAA

Jacob Garcia - Trinity Pawlings Prep & Hartford Wolfpack AAA

Christopher Kimmel - Brewster Academy Prep

Ray Lopresti - Compuware 18AAA


“R” Academy has researched and found the highest level in Home Based Education. Education in a structured environment is “R” number 1 priority, this can not be overstated; the importance of education within the Reynolds Academy is paramount. We are preparing our students for college and beyond. Our goal is to have every student who attends “R” Academy to attend College or a University.

The program, we have chosen, is dually accredited by The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Southern Association of College and Schools Council (SACS), an accrediting division of AdvancED.  A very structured education that includes honors and AP® courses and an Advanced Learner programs

On Ice Training

On the Ice

Individual Skill Development
                   *8 HRS PER WEEK ON ICE


Detailed and innovative on ice

   station based skill development   

Small area games/drills

  • Skating: balance, edges, body control, downward force

  • Shooting: power, balance, accuracy, quick release

  • Puck control: stick positioning, puck positiong, body control, hand speed

Video Analysis

R athletes will attend video classroom, using the state of the art video coaching tool, HUDL INSTAT.

Seeing is Believing. The video does not lie. When athletes see themselves on video, the improvement is remarkable. Today's youth, “Millennials”, are visual. EVERYTHING to them is visual, now, so is hockey.

Off the Ice

Off Ice Training

R” Academy will follow the guidelines that USA Hockey has set forth under the American Development Model (ADM)

accordance to age specific training and LTAD (long term athletic development). “R” Academy will also add Finnish, Swedish and Russian National dry land training. Using a 

combination of programs allows for the ability to help “R” student athletes achieve levels of performance above and behind 

any goals set. “R” goal is for every student to develop into the best all around athlete that they possible can achieve. We R developing all around athletes.


The Power of Positive Reinforcement.
Mental exercise and training for personal and sports achievement.
Trademarked 1992

Mental Coach
Brianna Peed
MA, LPC Associate 

Developing an ideal nutrition plan for health and performance includes identifying the right quantity, quality and proper timing of food and fluids needed to support regular training and peak performance. Nutrition is a very important and vital role in the success of any athlete. Nutrition is not a short term fix, it is a life time goal. It is also the area which is overlooked and misunderstood most often. Athletes should eat for performance. “R” Academy will provide and educate on the facts of 

nutrition for the student athlete. “R” Academy will identify and instruct on a proper nutrition plan for every student athlete. “R” Academy will provide a nutritious snacks daily. R Academy students use an app, Bitesnap. This helps them track each day.

Very previledged to be using:

Kim Lukhard

Hockey Mom RD Program

Apps: BiteSnap

Off Ice Training
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