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R Students moved up to AAA and Beyond!

Nahua Fanning 2019-2020 Colorado Rampage AAA

Mateo LaHaie 2019-2022 Dallas Elite AAA

Andrew LeHaie 2019-2020 Dallas Elite AAA

2020-2021 Nashville Jr Preds AAA

Koebe Buske 2018-2019 Colorado Rampage AAA

2019-2022 Lake Tahoe Academy

Chris Harmata 2018-2020 Ohio Blue Jacket AAA

Mason Bertelsen 2018-2020 Dallas Elite AAA Noah Dandeneau 2018-2020 Dallas Elite AAA

2020-2021 Arizona Jr Coyotes AAA

Ryan Murphy 2018-2021 Nashville Jr Preds AAA

2021-2022 North Christian Academy AAA


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